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About Raising Barry

It all started when my son was born...

I blinked and...I just realized he's almost four years old. Looking ahead, I intend to tape my eyelids open and proactively work to spark my son's imagination and guide him to his full potential as he grows older and develops. I want to teach him things that I wish I had easier access to when I was a kid and show him that anything is possible in life.

With his love for dinosaurs, plants, and building things, we're creating an engaging story that blends his passions with valuable life lessons, nurturing his emotional and mental growth. It's a journey I'm excited to embark on as a father and storyteller, sharing the magic of imagination and development.


 Raising Barry was born...

Empowering kids to reach their potential through storytelling and real-life experience

Raising Barry, a book series that teaches kids valuable life lessons through imagination and creativity, is the result of my entrepreneurial background, experience as a youth soccer coach, and competitive athlete. My goal is to inspire children to reach their full potential and to assist parents in guiding them along the way.

Throughout the series, Barry's character grows as he builds on his bravery, kindness, teamwork, perseverance, and curiosity. Each book emphasizes one of the life lessons, allowing young readers to join Barry on exciting adventures while learning essential values and virtues.


Together, these stories inspire children to be courageous, compassionate, determined, and curious, fostering their personal growth and development.

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