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Dreamsaurus Adventures

Ever wondered what happens when a treasure hunt leads you into the jungle, and the daylight fades away, and the darkness creeps in?

Join Barry and his new friend on an adventure where bravery, resilience, and curiosity light the way!

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The First Adventure

Get your copy of the Award Winning first book!
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Barry the Brave: A Flowerageous Journey to Courage

Barry discovers a beautiful flower and becomes its protector, learning that bravery can blossom in the most unexpected places.


Barry's story is a captivating children's book that masterfully weaves lessons of courage and bravery into an enchanting tale. Along the way, Barry faces challenges that put his courage to the test, teaching young readers the power of perseverance and determination.

  • ENGAGING, HEARTFELT NARRATIVE with relatable challenges

  • VIBRANT, CAPTIVATING ILLUSTRATIONS that bring the story to life

  • CHARMING, BRAVE MAIN CHARACTER Barry the Brachiosaurus

  • INSPIRING JOURNEY where courage conquers fears

  • HELPS CHILDREN BUILD RESILIENCE by showing them how to face their fears

  • UPBEAT AND UPLIFTING MESSAGE that resonates with kids and adults

  • IDEAL for parents to read to their children and spark meaningful discussions

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Winner of Unleash the Dream Award

(Best Children's Book) - 2023

Firebird Book Award

(Best Children's Book) - 2023


Firebird Book Award

(Children Pre-School Ages 2-4) - 2023


Honorable Mention Paris Book Festival

(Children's Picture Book) - 2023

About Raising Barry

I'm Josh, a dad crafting original stories with my son, Luke, to inspire his imagination and teach him life lessons. Through Raising Barry, I'm not only documenting our precious moments together but also ensuring a record of our journey for Luke to cherish in the future.

Having coached youth soccer and witnessing the impact of storytelling and life lessons on young minds, I've missed that joy for almost 9 years. Now, with Luke, my coaching itch is satisfied as I see his development and interests flourish through his creativity...

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